Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Year in Grace

It has almost been a year, time for an update...

Kurt still works at WB Mason (A LOT, between 60-70 hrs a week) 
I am still working full time at Complete Staffing Solutions - not only as Receptionist, but Administrative and Payroll Assistant.
We still live in Worcester.
We are still married (hehe, okay okay, we are still in love <3 )

We have a second car, so much easier to get around with us both working full time!
I got my hair cut, it was getting pretty long but is now an A-line bob above my shoulders.
I'm an Aunt, and I love it.
Kurt is a Deacon at our church (Pinecrest Baptist Church in Millbury)
We have passports, and are flying out of the country this summer. (yay!)


Pretty much over the past year we've spent our time:

working hard...
and having fun any moment we can be together!

 It seems as the more time goes by, the more every day little things mean so much. It is easy to miss all the blessings God gives us, but when I pause and think about it, I have a heart overflowing with thankfulness.

...I am blessed.

 YES I am thankful and truly love/enjoy my life! I couldn't ask for a better husband or stronger relationship.

although i will not pretend that...
another year
our 4th year of infertility
...was easy.

time goes by...

..the hurt

... the tears

..... the false hopes and disappointments

BUT for the grace of God his love never changes. like a tide it washes over me and brings me back to where I need to be.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day by Day

Days fly by! I can't believe it is already June! I am not sure what I posted last, but I have learned to not look at the past, so I will just write what comes to mind.
 We are all settled into our apartment in Worcester! We still need to decorate and unpack some boxes, but have been there long enough for it to start feeling like home now. So much space there!  Anyone looking for a place to spend the night? Or a night without the kiddos? We have a spare room :)
 We took the past 3 weekends to get out of town and relax! We went to his parents, his uncles, and my grandparents. We went to the beach and the Zoo! It was great to visit family, and then get out just the 2 of us :) Still in love with my hubby <3 So that's always good... ;)
 We have a lot of going-ons this month. Every weekend a different event to attend. I like things busy so no complaints!
We are both still working the same jobs. I think this is a record :D
I am turning 21 Saturday, and July 17th is our 3 year anniversary!
 God has brought me through so much, I have so much to be thankful for. I am trying my hardest to trust in His timing. I am not always successful in that, but I am a work in progress. :)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Starbucks & My Keys

  This morning I decide to stop at Starbucks. I have been making my own coffee in the mornings and was up for a treet. I go in to get my coffee all happy about what a great day it is going to be, and come back out to get in my car. Only I can't get in my car, because my keys are locked in there.

  Now. This is the 2nd time I have locked my keys in my car in that Starbucks parking lot. You can imagine how horrified I was. This time, I had my phone in my pocket (yay!) and have AAA to come and rescue me (yay again!) There is always something to be thankful for, and on top of that I was able to sit and drink my starbucks for an hour :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

  Exciting news!! We will be moving back into the duplex in Worcester that my parents own on May 1st. The 2nd level, just like before. This is such an answer to prayer for us and I am so glad God worked everything out for us to be able to live there again. It is a huge stress off my shoulders and I am so thankful to be settling in somewhere again. Hopefully for more then a few months this time! It is a great apartment and I was very comfortable there before. And after we moved out they put down new wood floors so that will be extra exciting :) I just can't wait!!
 For now we are still in Auburn and enjoying where we are at. Working the same schedule definitely has it's benefits. We both work, try to make it to the gym together when we can (which has been atleast 2 days a week, big accomplishment for me!), and come home at the same time and have some time to unwind before the next day. It is great to be able to not have either of us working crazy hours, and I'm sure we will look back at this time in our life and say how great it is :)
 We were able to go to York, ME Saturday to see a huge house Kurt's uncle bought right by the ocean.  We carpooled with Kyle and Amelia, and met up with quite a few people from his family to explore his uncle's new home, and to go out for lunch.
 If you have been to York maine, and seen Cape Neddick ("Nubble") Lighthouse, then you know how beautiful it is there. Kurt's uncle's house is on the road leading out to this lighthouse. I have been missing the ocean, and am so happy to have visited it once again :) York is only 15 minutes from where we used to live in Wells, ME. Kurt actually gave me my birthday gift parked here at Nubble Light last June.


Cape Neddick ("Nubble") Lighthouse - York, ME

Thursday, March 7, 2013


  Well, I survived getting my wisdom teeth out! I actually remember some of the surgery, which I was not supposed to, but do. And when I remember it, I get shivers down my spine. . .

  Kurt, Kyle, and Aly's birthday is next week on the 14th! Still making plans on what to do. It's so crazy how Kyle & Kurt's (yes, if you didn't catch on from the last sentence, they are twins) is the same as Alyssa's!

  I am trying to find a weekend  for Kurt and I to get away. I don't really care where, how, or when. Just that it happens. The only time I've had off the 5 months I have been working is for my wisdom teeth. And I am just ready to get away for a night or two to take a deep breath, not worry about getting things done, and enjoy some relaxing time with the love of my life.

  Nothing incredibly new or exciting going on. Some friends from Maine came down to visit, which is always nice. Oh yes, and my sister-in-law, Kiersten, came down the week I got my wisdom teeth out. It was so nice to have her for a visit. And to be waited on hand & foot. Thanks Kierst!

 Also, I have the best family in the world. The medication I took for the pain with my teeth made me so nauseous and dizzy I could hardly function. I couldn't drive for the whole week I had such bad motion sickness. Everyone was amazing in helping cart me around and take care of me. I appreciate my family so much and really couldn't do it without them. I am so blessed!

  Could you pray for Kurt? He is trying to decide on what direction to head in as far as a "career" goes. He doesn't feel like driving a delivery truck really cuts it for him, but does not know what God wants him to do. I don't really care what it is, just that he is happy and content! So prayers would be appreciated. Thanks!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Teeth & Life

  I seem to have a problem posting unless something drastic or largely eventful happens in my life.  I would also post more often if I had internet where I am staying and could put some pics on here of things going on in my life. All of this saying, I pretty much am a failure at blogging. I never know what to say and seem like if I talk about un-important things it will seem petty.

 We are still renting from the couple who are in Florida. We have to be out in April so are trying to figure out our next move. We had some good ideas of what to do and then . . . well, I went to the dentist.

 I have needed my wisdom teeth pulled for more then 2 years and they are impacted and shifting my teeth now. I also need a root canal, crown, and 5 fillings. That is what happens when you don't go to the dentist because you are constantly moving and can't afford it. Kurt also needs some fillings which I am inisting on getting done so he doesn't end up needing a root canal like I do. All together, AFTER our dental insurance, it is goin to cost us $4,300. Needless to say we don't have that kind of money laying around anywhere...so we are stuck with  paying $240 a month for the next year and a half. Kind of makes life a little more difficult. . .and paying rent. We barely scrape by as it is. And to think, if we were living off the state like most people in our situation we wouldn't have to pay a penny for any of this. . .

 February 18th I am getting 4 wisdom teeth extracted. I am very nervous and a big baby about it.

 Other than that we are both still working the same jobs and we made it through January :) I have been getting trained on payroll and am slowly starting to take on more assisting with that. As of tomorrow I have been here 4 months, and other then typical job drama I still enjoy it for the most part.

  I was driving to work last week and realized something that hit me like a brick wall. We all know how much I have been a home-body my whole life and hate moving with a passion. This is the first time we have been married and are staying where we are at without a goal to end up moving somewhere else, to something better. Settled. What is the term called? The one that came to my mind. It has something to do with itchy feet, and I have it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year

Although the weekend did not go as planned, we still had a great Christmas!

I got the flu. Even though I was miserable I still really wanted to go to NH for the big family Chirstmas. But Kurt's uncle recently had kidney replacement and decided to go to the family gathering last minute, but can not be around anyone sick of course. It was too big of a risk with me having the flu, so I needed to stay home. Kurt was able to go up Saturday morning for a short day visit, which I am really happy he decided to go and didn't have to miss out.

Kurt and I, as well as Kyle and Amelia slept over at my parent's house Christmas Eve and we all had a great Christmas day together. It was a lot of fun to have everyone together and be home for Christmas, you never know when it will be able to happen again!  I am extremely spoiled, I know that much! To be with all my family and to have everyone dear to me close by throughout this month is such a huge blessing!

New Years Eve we went to our families as they had an open house there. We played games and didn't end up leaving till 1:30 AM. I haven't stayed up that "early" in I don't know how long and to think I used to think it was awesome to do so!! lol.

For some reason the flu does not seem at want to leave me. I've heard it is lingering for longer then 2 weeks for some people. I don't know if I just have a really bad cold now or what. But whatever it is I hope it stops bugging me soon so I can feel back to par and up to accomplishing my new years goals!
Although so many people are saying how depressing January and February are, I refuse to be down and am excited about starting a new year and having goals set!

Happy new year!! =D