Thursday, June 9, 2011

19th Birthday & Colonel's Interview

I know I am skipping a lot of events, but this is most recent. I will post of the old sometime soon. . . hopefully.

I'm nineteen now. If you are wondering if I feel older, I don't. Just thought I would get that out now because most people that is the first thing they ask. I just tell them I feel younger :)

We went to Maine for Kurt's interview. They ended up moving the date from the 9th to the 7th. I forgot to update you on that. He did very well, and hopes to hear back soon. We are both very anxious and are thankful for all of your prayers! I am so proud of him no matter what the outcome.

Wednesday we went up to Bar Harbor for my birthday. It was a lovely day.

There was this one store that everything in it when it was taken into the light, changed color. The shirts looked like an empty coloring sheet, black outlines, with no color, and when put in the light, immediately there was color. It was very neat! My favorite part was the nail polish, they all turned a different color when you went outside.

Do I look older? That was a rhetorical question,
of "no"

Kurt supervising. haha.

For some reason I found this humorous.

Headed out for his interview.
He's so handsome :)