Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day by Day

Days fly by! I can't believe it is already June! I am not sure what I posted last, but I have learned to not look at the past, so I will just write what comes to mind.
 We are all settled into our apartment in Worcester! We still need to decorate and unpack some boxes, but have been there long enough for it to start feeling like home now. So much space there!  Anyone looking for a place to spend the night? Or a night without the kiddos? We have a spare room :)
 We took the past 3 weekends to get out of town and relax! We went to his parents, his uncles, and my grandparents. We went to the beach and the Zoo! It was great to visit family, and then get out just the 2 of us :) Still in love with my hubby <3 So that's always good... ;)
 We have a lot of going-ons this month. Every weekend a different event to attend. I like things busy so no complaints!
We are both still working the same jobs. I think this is a record :D
I am turning 21 Saturday, and July 17th is our 3 year anniversary!
 God has brought me through so much, I have so much to be thankful for. I am trying my hardest to trust in His timing. I am not always successful in that, but I am a work in progress. :)