Monday, November 21, 2011

How time flies! We have been moved into our beautiful apartment for quite a bit. I love it!

Kurt has been working for W.B. Mason, and W.B. only. He quit his second job so is now working 60 hours a week which is incredibly better then 80! 

I am working at Kohls and am getting quite busy through November. I worked about 40 hours the past couple of weeks. And yes, this week I do work 8-4:30 black Friday. My first time working the day after Thanksgiving! I hear it is crazy, but I'm not too crazy about it.

I have the opportunity to help a Special Needs girl with her first job, putting the merchandise in bags while I ring at the register through the holidays. The Managers thought I would be most compatible to helping her.  So Friday she will be helping me. I am thankful for the opportunity to help her.  It will be a long day Friday :)  I am very thankful for my job even as it's turning crazy busy because it allows us to be able to get gifts for each other and others and to travel to be with family. 

We started a Ladies book study at church for Sunday School. "Lies Women Believe, And the Truth that Sets Them Free." We read the book and fill in our own study book throughout the week, then go over it on Sunday  I am enjoying it very much! 

Kurt and I went up to visit my grandparents Friday night through Sunday. A very nice lady covered my shift at work! :) We spent Saturday morning Christmas gift shopping in Freeport at the outlets,  then went to Portland to shop at the mall in the afternoon, to my Grandparents to enjoy a great dinner, then back to Freeport for all the beautiful lights everywhere. And best of all, Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Lattes and a horse drawn carriage ride!  It was so lovely I will remember it forever.

We are going to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving.

Kurt has still been applying to Police Departments in Maine. He has been to a couple of interviews. They all really like him but there is always someone more qualified. That's life.  

In the mean time I am not letting life pass me by and am enjoying it to it's fullest!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

They gave me 4 back to back neb treatments. 60 mg of prednisone to start me off for the day, steroid inhaler to take daily, and sent me home on the neb every 2 to 3 hours ( which they normally don't let me do if they know I am. ) Now I'm waiting for the prednisone to actually kick into my lungs instead of just this terrible pain all over my body and strange mood. The side effects get worse every time I take it.

Doctors note, can't work, home tomorrow. Also can't do much else I'm shaking so much from all the overdosed neb treatments and when I do pretty much anything, including talk, I start to get short of breathe and wheeze like a dying. . . well I don't know what. Just sitting here I'm bad enough.

 I need to get things done this is driving me nuts. Excuse my rantings, I'm never myself on this stuff.

Can't breathe, on the nebulizer all night. Still wheezing.
Off to urgent care. Guess I could escape it this time . . .

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am working on getting everything together for Alyssa's Graduation party on Saturday. I hope it is a beautiful day and one she will love and remember always as a good day :)

 Everyone is sick, so I won't complain. But I am sick, again, with an awful cold which is swiftly moving to my lungs. I hope to not go to the doctor.  It is okay though because I have insurance now. Such a relief! Not looking forward to work again tomorrow. I sound like I am plugging my nose, and customers look at my funny. Although I'm sure my red and crusty nose and upper lip give away my situation. 

I worked over forty hours last week.  I also won Employee of the Month, which entitles an extra $25 in my paycheck, parking right up front in employee of the month parking spot, and a Kohls tote bag.  I don't know whether to be thrilled that my hard work is paying off, or not because a lot of long time employees are jealous and don't appreciate me getting credits.  Oh the drama .

Kurt has been working 75 hours a week. We need to get all of these jobs figured out so it is all more balanced. No complaints though, just happy for work when a lot of people are out of work! 

I am moving into a new apartment, which I'm sure you have all heard from the first floor resident to be  :P   The apartment is beautiful and seems so big, I love it! We are moving in this Saturday after Aly's party. I am soooooo excited to get all of my things out of storage!!

I hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

Vitamin C and Vicks to all who are sick , (haha)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

College, Work, Hubby & Typical Me.

I finally unpacked my college, finished it all over the past few months, and sent it in a couple of weeks ago.
I got an email today letting me know I passed at 96%. I will get my certificate soon.

I have been working 30 hours a week. I had my 30 day review and they are happy with me. I am head of everyone in the store for credit apps for the whole first month.

Headed to NH this weekend to meet up with Kurt and his family. Celebrating Kiersten's birthday on Saturday! Then I get to have my husband back !!

As everyone has been discussing, this weather has been great. It has been great in more ways for me, because now I want hot coffee and it is cheaper :) Also, I don't even have to buy it, just make it at home and I'm good to go.

As always I am back on my inhaler all the time. Wakes me up at night a few times, keeps me from even walking too fast, and I even have to take it at the register at work. I am holding off as long as I can on prednisone and am just pushing through this. It makes me weak on so much albuterol all day but I don't want to be sick and I don't want to be lazing around . Period.

I made an appointment to get my windshield replaced tomorrow. There is a crack in it longer then a foot.

If you don't make it through this post I don't blame you. It's very long.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodbyes .

I got my shift covered for next Saturday! We went up to Maine right when I got out of work, got in late, went to church the next morning, said our goodbyes and then I headed back down to Mass to get to work.

Yes, I cried.

I am very happy for my husband that he gets to continue his education with this course and get closer to his career. He has worked so hard, I hope he has a good time away!

I am going to keep busy this week. I'm not gonna lie, it feels great to have a car to myself! :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Post Issues

Alright, there seems to have been something wrong with my last post but I don't see it on my computer. I tried to fix it but didn't know what I was trying to fix so I don't know if it worked.

Did it?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shift Off

They will not give me next Saturday or Sunday off. So now I am stuck scrambling to find someone to at least cover my Saturday shift. It would make being apart much easier if I could look forward to seeing him at least one day out of the 14. Would anyone like to be a cashier for me this Saturday ?

Avon order came in. I can't wait to sort it all out tomorrow!

Kurt went to American Eagle and bought me a very cute blue shirt and earrings. I would have probably never picked the earrings out, but they look great on. He is so cute, I love seeing the things he ends up picking out for me as much as I love getting the gift. Oh, the little things in life! Thanks for the surprise gift hon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Crazy Life

Much is new, so I am using bullets :)

  • Great vacation in Maine, NH, and Vermont! Survived the storm and loved our stay at The Stowe Inn. Such a great time with my hubby!
  • Kurt had applied for a Police Officer job in Rockland, ME. He was chosen to continue in the process and went up for a physical agility test. The week before he pulled or did something to a muscle in his leg so he and the Chief decided last minute he wouldn't take the test to be cautious and not ruin his career forever. So that job went out the window.
  • Kurt has a new job, actually 2. He was hired by W.B. Mason for full time (50 hrs.) Mon. - Fri., and switched Pharmaceutical delivery companies and now has a more set schedule, Every evening Mon- Fri. He is a very busy man! Anticipating insurance now through W.B.
  • We have plans to move into a new apartment in October. YAY!!!! I can't wait to get all of my stuff out of storage. I have been patient for so long, but now even thinking about seeing all of my stuff is making me antsy, I can't wait.
  • Kurt completed phase one of the Law Enforcement Pre-Service training for the Maine Criminal Justice Academy ( Online ). He is planning to head out for 2 weeks to attend the second phase of the course if all of the paperwork goes through. I will be staying home to work. This will be our first night apart since being married. I year and 2 months. HOPEFULLY my job will give me at least Saturday off so I can go see him!
It feels like there is a bunch more but I guess all of the work and time into making all of these things happen just feels like a lot. I am so proud of my husband for all of the work he has put into everything and how he never gives up. God has blessed me.

Tomorrow night is Rebekah Panzanellas baby shower at church. I have had a lot of fun shopping, and went into Babys R Us a couple of days ago. Now I have baby brain :P But I am very excited for Rebekah!

Work has been going well. Nobody knows what to think of me once they find out I'm married and 19, and that I have been married for a year. It's like I am a strange specimen, my fellow employees and managers are constantly observing me not sure what to decide to think of me. It is amusing. Almost every day I work there are at least 3 customers that notice my rings and are shocked that I am married and we have fabulous discussions about how I am crazy.

If I would learn to post more often my posts wouldn't be such a mumbo-jumbo. I hope everyone is doing well and not getting too down with the dreary weather of recent!

love & Sunshine, Coralie

Monday, August 15, 2011

I have mono and a very bad virus that has me down and out and makes me ache all over and feel so weak at points I can't move. I am used to being sick in one way or another, and pushing through it like nothing is wrong. But this time it seems to have me beat. I hope to be doing at least well enough to cope when I go to work starting Wednesday. I am SO FRUSTRATED because I have so many things I need to get done and my body won't do it with me. I normally don't say anything because I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but please pray for me because I really am not doing well.

Kurt, Jane, and I went to visit my family on their vacation on Saturday. It was fun, but unfortunately I spent most of the time in a camp chair. After a while I did manage to get up and around and went disc golfing (half of the course ). I really enjoy Frisbee golfing, even if I am not the best at it. When I went I got stung by a hornet right under my eye. :o

I had an adventure that night. I went on Kurt's run with him. All of the sudden my eyes started swelling up huge and itching like crazy, I could barely see out of them. They were so swollen that you couldn't see my bottom eyelashes and they were poking my eye!! I then broke out in hives all around my eyes. I have never had this happen to me either, so I decided I needed some Benedryl. Unfortunately we were out in the country and nothing was opened past midnight. So we drove around for a long while stopping at gas station after gas station, none of which had Benedryl till we finally found a 24 hour Stop & Shop. Thankfully the benedryl kicked in and I clonked out . :)

Now my right eye is swollen and red, right where my hornet sting was. . . so I'm assuming that's why.

This whole post looks like I'm whining, that is why I haven't posted all week but I guess it couldn't be helped. I am just thankful that I am not in the hospital, I don't have a anything I'm dying from, I have a new job, I have a great family, and a wonderful husband who has been caring for an out of commission wife. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011


I now have a job at Kohls. My group interview a couple of weeks ago went really well. I wasn't sure if it had, but they picked me!

I have orientation tonight.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

George Island .

Something old.

We went to Boston & George Island with Chris and Janelle in May. George island is basically an island covered with a massive fort. It was very neat to explore! I recommend going there.

We took a ferry to George Island. I love boat rides!

Kurt took the camera and I later found this :)

and this. . . so cute!

My hunk.

It was very dark in there. My camera flash came in handy.

The only windows inside the fort. So prisoners could not escape.

These were randomly in walls. no opening on the other side. Wonder why? Shelf? Mail box? I am not so creative.

Bomb equipment. (I'm guessing )

My Laptop .

My laptop is fixed! I am so happy :) Apple was going to charge me $250+, Circuit barn charged me $125. Thank you!!

I made my first Avon order. Lots of customers! Surprisingly it all came in 2 days after I ordered it! It was all jumbled together and very confusing, but my customers are happy, and very pleasantly surprised by the size of the products. Yay!

Funny story, I accidentally ordered 100 magazines, all the same. I only needed about 15. (The magazines are only good for a 2 week period) I guess when you order, 1 means 10, so 10 means 100. I laughed when I received them, so many things going wrong lately (more then lately) that I am starting to see the humor in just about everything. I did make a profit, which was the goal. Although spending $20 on magazines was not helpful.

Kurt and I took a long weekend and went on my first Larrabee family vacation. I survived!! No, really, it was a lot of fun. We stayed in a great big house in Vermont. I went Frisbee golfing for the first time. It was very cool, I will do it again someday. Thank you Matt for the fun time!

Excuse me for gabbing about random things. I just want to type on my laptop. More random posts to continue.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AVON Representative

I am now selling Avon if anyone is interested in ordering, or even starting your own business. If you live close by, I can give you magazines and you can order through me, free of shipping charge. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you one! If you live far away, you can order through my website, or start your own business in your area.

My next order is going in August 1st.

Coralie Hansen
Avon Representative

One Year Anniversary

My excuse for not posting is that my laptop has been broken for the past 2 months. I am having it worked on finally and when I get it back (which I am extremely excited and can't wait to have it back!) I will post of a few old events.

I do have pictures on Alyssa's laptop from our 1sy anniversary though.

- -
The 16th we went to the Natick Mall and shopped around for hours. It is possibly the largest mall I have been in and has stores I have never heard off. It was a lot of fun to go into stores we could never afford to buy from :) We enjoyed some Gelato (Italian Ice-Cream) It was very good, the memories were worth it, the price was not. :P

We then headed into Boston (Cambridge) and went to a restaurant called Fire and Ice. We had never been there and had saved a gift card from Christmas to go there. Thank you Uncle Tim! It was so much fun. If you haven't been there, check it out.

Then on Sunday (the 17th) we ate the top tier of our cake in the afternoon and looked at our wedding pictures. To be honest I thought it was gross honestly to eat a cake frozen through the year after who knows how many times the power went out, but I ate it and enjoyed it :)

I am so thankful for my husband!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

19th Birthday & Colonel's Interview

I know I am skipping a lot of events, but this is most recent. I will post of the old sometime soon. . . hopefully.

I'm nineteen now. If you are wondering if I feel older, I don't. Just thought I would get that out now because most people that is the first thing they ask. I just tell them I feel younger :)

We went to Maine for Kurt's interview. They ended up moving the date from the 9th to the 7th. I forgot to update you on that. He did very well, and hopes to hear back soon. We are both very anxious and are thankful for all of your prayers! I am so proud of him no matter what the outcome.

Wednesday we went up to Bar Harbor for my birthday. It was a lovely day.

There was this one store that everything in it when it was taken into the light, changed color. The shirts looked like an empty coloring sheet, black outlines, with no color, and when put in the light, immediately there was color. It was very neat! My favorite part was the nail polish, they all turned a different color when you went outside.

Do I look older? That was a rhetorical question,
of "no"

Kurt supervising. haha.

For some reason I found this humorous.

Headed out for his interview.
He's so handsome :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I meant I have not eaten out for *EASTER* dinner. I have, of course, eaten out for dinner before. :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter, Plants, and my love.

It has been a while. I always feel as if I do not have much to blog about, but I do. I will just write about a few things now.

Easter, our first one together! We went to the sunrise service at church and the afternoon one, then headed out to New Hampshire to meet with Kurt's family at a very nice restaurant for Easter dinner. I have never eaten out for dinner, the day was lovely.

we did not match so I had to make it black & white.
I greatly dislike it when things don't match.

- - - - - -

This may be random, but most everything I say is. My dad started plants a while ago. This year they seem to fascinate me more then ever. I helped out for a bit it was quite fun. I can't wait to plant them in the garden!

I was not eating them, I was replanting them to
larger containers.

- - - -

Some of you may know that my husband is in the process of becoming a state trooper. Some may not. For those who don't I will try to explain all that is going on as well as I can.

To become a Maine State Trooper you have to go through various steps before getting hired.

(1) Pass a Physical Test (Push ups, running, etc.)

(2) Pass a written Test.

(3) Fill out an extremely long application.

(4) Go to an Oral Board (Interview)

(5) The State Police do a wicked long and extensive back round check.

(6) Polygraph (Lie Detector Test)
Horrible, never go to one.

(7) Colonels Interview.

I think that is everything. Each step is pass or fail. If you fail at any point you have to wait 6 months to re-apply. Each step you take you have to wait for a letter to come in the mail to let you know if you made it to the next step. This process has taken Kurt over 6 months so far, he has passed each of the beginning steps, just passed his Polygraph and is now going to have his Colonel's interview June 9th. The Colonel decides whether Kurt is the right fit right now or not, and will let him know at the end of the interview if he is hired or not. Please pray for him! It would really work great for us if he can pass and head to academy in August.

I am so proud of my love for all of the hard work he has put into this.

- - - - - - - - -

I have been enjoying the sun, and have already gotten burnt. ( I WAS WEARING SUNSCREEN FOR THE RECORD!) I have been keeping busy and trying to keep patient. :)

Today after cleaning through the morning, I am headed out to the bank for my daddy-o and then going to get shoes for the wedding and mother's day cards.

Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Impatient Me

I feel as if I am always waiting for something in life. You would think it would be by now, but patience is not one of my virtues. I am a very impatient person. I hate waiting for pretty much everything. I know it is one of my biggest flaws, and God is constantly using it as a way to teach me something. Because when I have to wait for something to happen in my life and can't change a thing about the time frame, I pretty much go nuts. So at that breaking point when I'm about to pull my hair out, scream my head off, or get angry about my life, is when God really gets my attention. It's where I make my choice of which way to handle near disaster. Give it to Him, or give into my pathetic self. I can tell him, "Lord, I've REALLY learned my lesson now, can you PLEASE make your move I'm sick of sitting here waiting!" But God obviously knows what I need. I try to remind myself of that daily. Minute-ly I should say.

My stubbornness is good for learning lots of lessons and constantly putting me in my place. I am not sure why God makes some people more impatient or stubborn then others, but I'm sure he gets a good laugh out of how hilarious my thinking I can decide how my life should go at times. ;) In the long run I think He is trying to teach me contentment and to be thankful for what he has given me. It's so easy to fall into a negative attitude after so long of being positive and things not going my way, but this is when a joyful and thankful spirit is put to the test and I find if those attitudes are for real or circumstance depending.

I have chosen to give my frustration and impatience to Him, so now I am trying to be thankful for so many things and remembering how much God has done for me. He really is amazing and has done so many wonderful things for me that I do not deserve!! I have a safe place to live, food to eat (even extras like ice-cream, coffee, and starbursts!! :D ) family, and last but not least, a husband who provides for me and loves me even when I am a cranky impatient person ;)

So many blessings in my life, I will count them while I wait.

"Those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary."
Isaiah 40:31

Bridal Shower

Over the past month I have been planning my sister, Amelia's, bridal shower. I figure I planned my wedding so I should be able to do alright with a shower, but other then my wedding it's really the first party I've ever planned. I was a little nervous about it but put a lot of work into it and think it turned out alright. I tried to make it a lot of fun for the Bride, I was there 10 months ago and know how stressful it is at this point. A quite a few people came and we had a downright pink party =D

Not sure why these are uploading so blurry.

We played a few games.

I love this face. What I was hoping for :)

I was scared.

I gave the Bride a white daisy to wear in her hair.
And all the bridesmaids a pink one.

Memory table. I had the married ladies bring photo albums or
pics from their weddings. It was fun to look through them!

My hair.

Congratulations Mia! I hope your wedding is all you've dreamed of and you have a great time away. Many happy years to come!

(thanks Alyssa for all of the great pics!)