Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shift Off

They will not give me next Saturday or Sunday off. So now I am stuck scrambling to find someone to at least cover my Saturday shift. It would make being apart much easier if I could look forward to seeing him at least one day out of the 14. Would anyone like to be a cashier for me this Saturday ?

Avon order came in. I can't wait to sort it all out tomorrow!

Kurt went to American Eagle and bought me a very cute blue shirt and earrings. I would have probably never picked the earrings out, but they look great on. He is so cute, I love seeing the things he ends up picking out for me as much as I love getting the gift. Oh, the little things in life! Thanks for the surprise gift hon.


  1. ..I came to see what you had posted, and the font shows up in all these different symbols. o.O Very strange. None of your other posts look like that. I did see a bit on my dashboard - the bit about the blue shirt and earrings and that is so cute =]Hope you find someone for Saturday!!

  2. O_o
    This is all crazy dear Coralie.
    I understand you're mad because Kurt's leaving... but that's no reason to use all these symbols. *shakes head* Shame shame. ;)
    I love you. ♥