Friday, August 17, 2012

something old that is new

I don't even know how to start this post. . . as always. I will try to make this short (and sweet :)

Kurt was doing an amazing job at the Police Department in Wells, ME. I absolutely loved everything about our town & our home and was getting very settled into my new life we had waited so long for and worked so hard for.  It was beautiful living in a coastal town and seeing the ocean often was a dream come true in itself.

. . .but Kurt decided that it was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and he didn't like criminal justice very much at all. It was all very sudden and shocking, but he ended his job and we came back to Massachusetts.

We are now living with my parents, well, in the camper.   We have lost a lot of money with all that goes into moving. I know that may not make sense but when you change from state to state you have to pay to do a lot of different things.  And with Kurt being out of a job for over a month didn't help.

But thankfully, God has been working a lot out. We had a year lease in Maine that we were able to get out of without too much of a hassle. Kurt got his job back at W.B Mason driving delivery.
I have great parents that are letting us use their camper for the time being, which is such a blessing! My husband is safe and we had our 2 year anniversary in July.  I do love him so much and am thankful for the adventures we have shared :)

Please pray for me to get a good job so we can get an apartment, and for Kurt as he tries to figure out his direction in life

Dreams are crazy to begin with, and even crazier when they are not what you want in the end.  But that is life, and life goes on.  Things are upside down right now, but God is still in the center, and we are still in love :)

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!!

Coralie Rose