Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Crazy Life

Much is new, so I am using bullets :)

  • Great vacation in Maine, NH, and Vermont! Survived the storm and loved our stay at The Stowe Inn. Such a great time with my hubby!
  • Kurt had applied for a Police Officer job in Rockland, ME. He was chosen to continue in the process and went up for a physical agility test. The week before he pulled or did something to a muscle in his leg so he and the Chief decided last minute he wouldn't take the test to be cautious and not ruin his career forever. So that job went out the window.
  • Kurt has a new job, actually 2. He was hired by W.B. Mason for full time (50 hrs.) Mon. - Fri., and switched Pharmaceutical delivery companies and now has a more set schedule, Every evening Mon- Fri. He is a very busy man! Anticipating insurance now through W.B.
  • We have plans to move into a new apartment in October. YAY!!!! I can't wait to get all of my stuff out of storage. I have been patient for so long, but now even thinking about seeing all of my stuff is making me antsy, I can't wait.
  • Kurt completed phase one of the Law Enforcement Pre-Service training for the Maine Criminal Justice Academy ( Online ). He is planning to head out for 2 weeks to attend the second phase of the course if all of the paperwork goes through. I will be staying home to work. This will be our first night apart since being married. I year and 2 months. HOPEFULLY my job will give me at least Saturday off so I can go see him!
It feels like there is a bunch more but I guess all of the work and time into making all of these things happen just feels like a lot. I am so proud of my husband for all of the work he has put into everything and how he never gives up. God has blessed me.

Tomorrow night is Rebekah Panzanellas baby shower at church. I have had a lot of fun shopping, and went into Babys R Us a couple of days ago. Now I have baby brain :P But I am very excited for Rebekah!

Work has been going well. Nobody knows what to think of me once they find out I'm married and 19, and that I have been married for a year. It's like I am a strange specimen, my fellow employees and managers are constantly observing me not sure what to decide to think of me. It is amusing. Almost every day I work there are at least 3 customers that notice my rings and are shocked that I am married and we have fabulous discussions about how I am crazy.

If I would learn to post more often my posts wouldn't be such a mumbo-jumbo. I hope everyone is doing well and not getting too down with the dreary weather of recent!

love & Sunshine, Coralie


  1. I love your mumbo-jumbo Coralie :) Miss you so much!! <3

  2. Thank you dahhling :) That is what one of my office manager says. daHHHHHHling. the "hhhh"for like 3 seconds. haha