Monday, August 15, 2011

I have mono and a very bad virus that has me down and out and makes me ache all over and feel so weak at points I can't move. I am used to being sick in one way or another, and pushing through it like nothing is wrong. But this time it seems to have me beat. I hope to be doing at least well enough to cope when I go to work starting Wednesday. I am SO FRUSTRATED because I have so many things I need to get done and my body won't do it with me. I normally don't say anything because I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but please pray for me because I really am not doing well.

Kurt, Jane, and I went to visit my family on their vacation on Saturday. It was fun, but unfortunately I spent most of the time in a camp chair. After a while I did manage to get up and around and went disc golfing (half of the course ). I really enjoy Frisbee golfing, even if I am not the best at it. When I went I got stung by a hornet right under my eye. :o

I had an adventure that night. I went on Kurt's run with him. All of the sudden my eyes started swelling up huge and itching like crazy, I could barely see out of them. They were so swollen that you couldn't see my bottom eyelashes and they were poking my eye!! I then broke out in hives all around my eyes. I have never had this happen to me either, so I decided I needed some Benedryl. Unfortunately we were out in the country and nothing was opened past midnight. So we drove around for a long while stopping at gas station after gas station, none of which had Benedryl till we finally found a 24 hour Stop & Shop. Thankfully the benedryl kicked in and I clonked out . :)

Now my right eye is swollen and red, right where my hornet sting was. . . so I'm assuming that's why.

This whole post looks like I'm whining, that is why I haven't posted all week but I guess it couldn't be helped. I am just thankful that I am not in the hospital, I don't have a anything I'm dying from, I have a new job, I have a great family, and a wonderful husband who has been caring for an out of commission wife. :)


  1. Oh, my poor darling! I'll be praying for you! <3 Miss you bunches! <3

  2. Praying for you, Cora!!! <3 i miss you lots and hope you start feeling better really soon.

    By the way, absolutely love this new background =] <3

  3. Thanks girls!! Your prayers are helping! Miss you both too <3