Wednesday, September 21, 2011

College, Work, Hubby & Typical Me.

I finally unpacked my college, finished it all over the past few months, and sent it in a couple of weeks ago.
I got an email today letting me know I passed at 96%. I will get my certificate soon.

I have been working 30 hours a week. I had my 30 day review and they are happy with me. I am head of everyone in the store for credit apps for the whole first month.

Headed to NH this weekend to meet up with Kurt and his family. Celebrating Kiersten's birthday on Saturday! Then I get to have my husband back !!

As everyone has been discussing, this weather has been great. It has been great in more ways for me, because now I want hot coffee and it is cheaper :) Also, I don't even have to buy it, just make it at home and I'm good to go.

As always I am back on my inhaler all the time. Wakes me up at night a few times, keeps me from even walking too fast, and I even have to take it at the register at work. I am holding off as long as I can on prednisone and am just pushing through this. It makes me weak on so much albuterol all day but I don't want to be sick and I don't want to be lazing around . Period.

I made an appointment to get my windshield replaced tomorrow. There is a crack in it longer then a foot.

If you don't make it through this post I don't blame you. It's very long.


  1. It didn't bore me! I love reading your blog posts Coralie! =D They make me giggle most of the time. ♥ And it wasn't long either. =P Have you seen mine lately? ;)

  2. Hey, yes I have started to finally get the updates on your blog. I haven't been on my computer much at all. I hadn't even touched it from Friday - this Wednesday =o