Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am working on getting everything together for Alyssa's Graduation party on Saturday. I hope it is a beautiful day and one she will love and remember always as a good day :)

 Everyone is sick, so I won't complain. But I am sick, again, with an awful cold which is swiftly moving to my lungs. I hope to not go to the doctor.  It is okay though because I have insurance now. Such a relief! Not looking forward to work again tomorrow. I sound like I am plugging my nose, and customers look at my funny. Although I'm sure my red and crusty nose and upper lip give away my situation. 

I worked over forty hours last week.  I also won Employee of the Month, which entitles an extra $25 in my paycheck, parking right up front in employee of the month parking spot, and a Kohls tote bag.  I don't know whether to be thrilled that my hard work is paying off, or not because a lot of long time employees are jealous and don't appreciate me getting credits.  Oh the drama .

Kurt has been working 75 hours a week. We need to get all of these jobs figured out so it is all more balanced. No complaints though, just happy for work when a lot of people are out of work! 

I am moving into a new apartment, which I'm sure you have all heard from the first floor resident to be  :P   The apartment is beautiful and seems so big, I love it! We are moving in this Saturday after Aly's party. I am soooooo excited to get all of my things out of storage!!

I hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

Vitamin C and Vicks to all who are sick , (haha)

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