Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hampton Inn & Suites ??

I got a job offer from Hampton Inn & Suites.  I was looking for a Front Desk Receptionist position, but they are looking for a Night Auditor. (I left my resume and application anyway)  I thought they wouldn't look twice since my application was specifically for Front Desk but they want me for the Night Auditor position.  11:00 PM-7 AM four nights a week, as well as a day a week at the front desk if I want 40 hours.  I was opposed to working nights, but with Kurt working mostly nights now, and then with him going to be gone four months at Academy (possibly in August), and then working all nights when he gets out. I might consider it. I'm going for an interview Sunday to get more details. 

I really don't know what to think about it . . .  I just want to do what works best for the both of us without our schedule clashing too much. Has anyone worked a shift similar to that? Any advice?

I am back at the Hansens. Kurt headed back home to work. Kiersten wasn't doing as well as they hoped over the weekend.  She still has a constant headache. She went in for an MRI today. Tomorrow she may try a half day of school, but I will be here the rest of the week so Faith can teach full days.

It has been great to have time to read again! I just finished The Thorn by Beverly Lewis. I look forward to the next one :)



  1. Hey Cora, I'll be praying about the job situation! Just continue to pray and ask God for guidance in this. I'll know you'll make the right decision :)
    Sorry to hear about Kiersten :( Continuing to pray for her!

    My mom is reading that series! She said it is really good, I may start it sometime soon.

  2. Hey Reefus. :]
    I miss you tons by the way! <3
    I have been praying about your job situations and I will continue to.
    You can also let Kierst know I've been praying for her too.
    Love you tons!