Monday, May 21, 2012

New Job

I didn't take the job at Hampton Inn. I needed something that would work better around Kurt's Schedule and that would give possible weekends off when Kurt goes to academy so I can see him. So instead I am now starting work at Dunkin' Donuts.  Eh, never thought I would be saying that. But it is the best option in Wells for schedule flexibility. I will probably be working over 30 hours. I will actually make more then I did at Kohl's when I include tips... and it is within a quarter mile from the police department which is great for gas. There were jobs I would much rather work in Kittery, but once you calculate in the 35 min drive plus tolls it really wouldn't have made sense.

So yes, training starts tomorrow. Five lovely hours on the computer.

Beautiful weather the past couple of days! We found a really nice mile long trail in wells and enjoyed walking that. Also a couple of walks on the beach and out on the rocks. I am looking forward to the Summer! I have really enjoyed our back deck these sunny days :)

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