Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Again

  "It's Monday again!" I feel like I am always saying this. . . every other day. ha ha Weekends fly by and Mondays come so fast.

  We are officially moved out! Which means we have our bins of clothes moved from the camper to the house we are renting. lol We made a trip to Market Basket to get our week of groceries plus all of the other staple foods we will need and condiments. I am trying to be excited about cooking this week. I AM excited about cooking, just not super excited after being gone for 12 hours a day. Also we are going to start going to the gym after work. I am also excited about that, just not super excited :) If I make it 1 day this week I will be as happy as a clam.

  Kurt's friends came down from Maine to visit for the weekend. The new xbox game is out and they wanted to stay up all hours of the night to play it both Friday and Saturday night. Now, I am pretty tired Friday night and exceptionally cranky on prednisone (haha) but if it is one thing I have learned is that my man needs to be able to have guy time once and a while, just like I need time with the girls... So we stayed up early into the morning Friday and Saturday night. Something else I have learned is important is being willing to do the things he loves. Like play the xbox. Even if it is frustrating to die every 5 seconds because I am so bad at it. haha. It is really great to see him be able to relax and have fun. Being a kid once in a while doesn't hurt anything :)

 God has been so good to me and there is so much to be thankful for. I am very thankful for my job! I had my one month here on Thursday and everything has been going great and I am very comfortable. We are staying in a really cute and cozy home for the winter!  I can breathe! We are together!  And we have food to eat! :)

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