Monday, December 10, 2012

December Post

 December is here and so is the craziness of it! We will be gone the next 2 weekends, this weekend to Kurt's parents in Maine and my grandparents a well, and then next weekend over to NH to have the big Hansen/Larrabee family Christmas together. We decided to stay put Christmas day as Kurt works the day before Christmas and both Kurt and I work the day after. So we will spend Christmas day with my family!! :D 

 We got a tree! Our "downsizing" as I recommended because we are barely home and it costs a lot, is a 6 1/2 foot tree in the living room. haha. Do they get larger as you have children? Because ours always end up being pretty large as it is!

 We did end up going to the gym twice that week. We are not going to even talk about the last couple of weeks :P That will definitely be in my new year goals! I will save that for January though and just wade through the next few weeks.

 I have entered the magical world of online shopping. I will say, it has been VERY helpful, but can be easy to just keep on going! I am mostly done Christmas shopping which I have no clue how because I can only shop on weekends and I haven't been going because it is so crazy! But I have been able to find quite good deals online, and CAN NOT wait to give everyone their gifts! I have a really hard time keeping them under the tree! hehe

 I had a very interesting week. I ended up being contacted by one of the hiring agencies I registered with when I was looking  for work with a possible job working in Fallon Community Health Plan's Corporate office in Worcester. I took a 2 hour assesment test thinking I would not do well or be a good fit, but  they were impresed and really wanted me in to interview. I interviewed and they offered me the job. It would be in their corporate call center, a raise and a really good career opportunity. But a lot more stress for just a couple more dollars an hour. They needed to know right away so I spoke with my work here about what my opportunites would be in the future for growth and just let them know what I was considering. I am very comfortable here and enjoy what I am doing so far, and I really like the smaller company feel and being able to work directly with the owner. They let me know they really appreciate all I have done here and they love my work and hope I stay, and the owner offered me a raise starting today. So I stayed :) It was a hard decision, but I have been through so many changes the past little while changing jobs AGAIN I don't really want to do unless I need to. I feel like I made the right decision for now, and who knows what opportunites will come for my future. And even though it was a bit of a stressful week, I am still where I like my job, and I got a raise before even working here 2 months! ;) God is so good to me and is always sending adventures my way that help me grow.

I need to post more often so I am making posts this long and you all aren't skipping to the end :P Hopr you are all enjoying your December!

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