Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Post #2

We had a great weekend with his family. Always so short these Saturdays and Sundays!

Feels like I haven't been home much. Which is probably really because I haven't. . . gone again this weekend. I would love a day home to clean and organize, but think I will have to wait until Christmas Eve day!

I took Kurt on a surprise date Monday night as an early Christmas gift. It was fun to go out =)

Church Christmas Party was last night, gift exchange, white elephant, or whatever you want to call it. Very fun!!! I got the gift I opened and loved and no body stole it from me! :) And of course I later found out Amelia brought it. . . of course ;)

Tonight is Prayer meeting.

Thursday night Chiropractor then packing, and Friday I pick Kurt up right from work and we head to NH.

My office manager and the lady I work directly with is gone for the rest of the week. She left me with extra projects to work on for her because I asked what I could help with. Payroll projects that were very last minute and she had less then 10 minutes to explain to me what to do before she had to leave. I am excited to work on these, but also a little nervous because I can't remember all she told me! Let's see how this goes. . .

 And no matter how crazy the next week or so is I know the REAL reason for Christmas, so there is no reason to stress, or whine! Thanksgiving was hard (that was when we were going to tell all the relatives about being pregnant) and of course now I think about it even when I am trying  not to. Someone told me that this would happen around the holidays and I said no I was fine. Well it is happening now. But knowing that God gave his only son to pay the penalty for MY sins is overwhelming. And knowing that God is all I will ever truly need, I am satisfied and filled with joy.


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