Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year

Although the weekend did not go as planned, we still had a great Christmas!

I got the flu. Even though I was miserable I still really wanted to go to NH for the big family Chirstmas. But Kurt's uncle recently had kidney replacement and decided to go to the family gathering last minute, but can not be around anyone sick of course. It was too big of a risk with me having the flu, so I needed to stay home. Kurt was able to go up Saturday morning for a short day visit, which I am really happy he decided to go and didn't have to miss out.

Kurt and I, as well as Kyle and Amelia slept over at my parent's house Christmas Eve and we all had a great Christmas day together. It was a lot of fun to have everyone together and be home for Christmas, you never know when it will be able to happen again!  I am extremely spoiled, I know that much! To be with all my family and to have everyone dear to me close by throughout this month is such a huge blessing!

New Years Eve we went to our families as they had an open house there. We played games and didn't end up leaving till 1:30 AM. I haven't stayed up that "early" in I don't know how long and to think I used to think it was awesome to do so!! lol.

For some reason the flu does not seem at want to leave me. I've heard it is lingering for longer then 2 weeks for some people. I don't know if I just have a really bad cold now or what. But whatever it is I hope it stops bugging me soon so I can feel back to par and up to accomplishing my new years goals!
Although so many people are saying how depressing January and February are, I refuse to be down and am excited about starting a new year and having goals set!

Happy new year!! =D


  1. I'm praying for you, Coralie! I had a horrible flu last Christmas and it lasted a while, I hope you start feeling better soon. I was sick over this Christmas too, so I know it's no fun :(

    I agree with you! Why let the beginning of the year become depressing? It's the beginning of something special and exciting! ^.^

  2. Amen! Thanks for the prayers! Keep enjoying this new year!!