Thursday, February 7, 2013

Teeth & Life

  I seem to have a problem posting unless something drastic or largely eventful happens in my life.  I would also post more often if I had internet where I am staying and could put some pics on here of things going on in my life. All of this saying, I pretty much am a failure at blogging. I never know what to say and seem like if I talk about un-important things it will seem petty.

 We are still renting from the couple who are in Florida. We have to be out in April so are trying to figure out our next move. We had some good ideas of what to do and then . . . well, I went to the dentist.

 I have needed my wisdom teeth pulled for more then 2 years and they are impacted and shifting my teeth now. I also need a root canal, crown, and 5 fillings. That is what happens when you don't go to the dentist because you are constantly moving and can't afford it. Kurt also needs some fillings which I am inisting on getting done so he doesn't end up needing a root canal like I do. All together, AFTER our dental insurance, it is goin to cost us $4,300. Needless to say we don't have that kind of money laying around we are stuck with  paying $240 a month for the next year and a half. Kind of makes life a little more difficult. . .and paying rent. We barely scrape by as it is. And to think, if we were living off the state like most people in our situation we wouldn't have to pay a penny for any of this. . .

 February 18th I am getting 4 wisdom teeth extracted. I am very nervous and a big baby about it.

 Other than that we are both still working the same jobs and we made it through January :) I have been getting trained on payroll and am slowly starting to take on more assisting with that. As of tomorrow I have been here 4 months, and other then typical job drama I still enjoy it for the most part.

  I was driving to work last week and realized something that hit me like a brick wall. We all know how much I have been a home-body my whole life and hate moving with a passion. This is the first time we have been married and are staying where we are at without a goal to end up moving somewhere else, to something better. Settled. What is the term called? The one that came to my mind. It has something to do with itchy feet, and I have it.

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