Thursday, March 7, 2013


  Well, I survived getting my wisdom teeth out! I actually remember some of the surgery, which I was not supposed to, but do. And when I remember it, I get shivers down my spine. . .

  Kurt, Kyle, and Aly's birthday is next week on the 14th! Still making plans on what to do. It's so crazy how Kyle & Kurt's (yes, if you didn't catch on from the last sentence, they are twins) is the same as Alyssa's!

  I am trying to find a weekend  for Kurt and I to get away. I don't really care where, how, or when. Just that it happens. The only time I've had off the 5 months I have been working is for my wisdom teeth. And I am just ready to get away for a night or two to take a deep breath, not worry about getting things done, and enjoy some relaxing time with the love of my life.

  Nothing incredibly new or exciting going on. Some friends from Maine came down to visit, which is always nice. Oh yes, and my sister-in-law, Kiersten, came down the week I got my wisdom teeth out. It was so nice to have her for a visit. And to be waited on hand & foot. Thanks Kierst!

 Also, I have the best family in the world. The medication I took for the pain with my teeth made me so nauseous and dizzy I could hardly function. I couldn't drive for the whole week I had such bad motion sickness. Everyone was amazing in helping cart me around and take care of me. I appreciate my family so much and really couldn't do it without them. I am so blessed!

  Could you pray for Kurt? He is trying to decide on what direction to head in as far as a "career" goes. He doesn't feel like driving a delivery truck really cuts it for him, but does not know what God wants him to do. I don't really care what it is, just that he is happy and content! So prayers would be appreciated. Thanks!

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