Thursday, March 24, 2011

B & N

Today I went to one of my old favorite places: Barnes & Nobles + Starbucks at Blackstone Valley. I took one of my old sisters (hehe ;) Alyssa Beth, whom I love dearly. We enjoyed a treat. My new favorite drink is their Shaken Iced Passion Tea. It is very yummy and caffeine free so I can have it after four o'clock. =) I'm sure when it is nice and warm out I will enjoy it even more, but today I was just pretending. [please tell me I'm not the only one who bought flip-flops the first warm day this spring?] While there I looked through bridesmaid books (yes, I'm that much of a nerd) my favorite one had the subtitle of "Help the Bride Shine Without Losing Your Mind" Hahahaha. I didn't even read the book, just appreciated the laugh I got from the title.

I discussed with myself today that it's time to get back to my old self. At least somewhat. I cleaned out my inbox, replied to a few emails (that's a miracle for me) and actually took a few pictures today. I got a camera for my birthday (yes almost a year ago) and have used it once. I am attempting to come out from under my rock, which my dear sister informs me is very large and heavy. Sisters are so great when you need to see things black & white. (: I am not ready for the great big world of facebook, twitter, or any of the other 'social' internet thingamahoogles (I don't know what they all are), but hope this blog will let you feel like you some what know what is going on and new with Coralie Rose Hansen. =)

For every normal picture there has to be an odd one.

My Tea :)

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