Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Week & My Pattern


Highlights of my week:

Monday I went all around with Amelia in the morning to prepare for her wedding. It's crazy how some of the things you think will be so quick and easy to get done end up taking hours!

Tuesday I met up with Janelle at Solomon Pond Mall and we shopped for 3 hours. I didn't get anything of course, but we had a great time and enjoyed lemonade smoothies.

Wednesday I spent the morning with Kurt, then met Amelia and we got our nails done. :) I have been waiting to get mine done and was extremely excited to go. I normally get a french manicure on acrylic nails, but this time I got a light pink color and they look fabulous. =)


It feels so strange posting a week like this. Pathetic, actually. Because the last few months I worked 40 hours a week and half the time was driving to and from my work and Kurt's and home. I didn't have a moment to myself.

Before that I was at my new apartment all day everyday, cooking, cleaning, organizing, creating, and of course, relaxing :) I even made myself a rice pack out of one of Kurt's T-shirts. It works great and actually resembles a rectangle. But I was definitely not busy, so un-busy it scared me having all of that time to myself. I didn't even have internet or cable or anything. :o

I miss my old apartment in Maine so much. It was honestly the cutest little apartment and down here it would go for more then TWICE as much. I think that is cry worthy. I mean, yes things were more then tight in Maine even with both of us working full time, and yes I feel down right spoiled now shopping and getting my nails done and going out so often after months of staying home and thinking an iced coffee once a month and new polish from the dollar store was the greatest thing. BUT I did start to love Maine and had just gotten adjusted and then BAM! I'm back in Mass. Don't get me wrong, I love it down here being with family. But I will never forget my first apartment and will always cherish those days.

AND before that I was working all the time and wedding planning and all was so crazy. I seem to be constantly switching from extreme opposites. Mass, Maine, Mass. Does this mean the next step in the pattern will be back to Maine and working full time? hmm.

I guess this is just random thoughts. I'm reminiscing and missing Maine, but definitely enjoying the here and now.


  1. I love reading your blog, Coralie! Even though we live together I love hearing what you are thinking and planning. Love you. Mom

  2. I like the new you (mostly because you aren't far away) ;) I did miss you incredibly much when you were in Maine but it was a TON of fun going up to your cute apartment and hanging out with you ;)
    I will miss you a lot if your next phase of life is Maine :\ But I'll have my license so I'll visit often!
    Love you! :D