Sunday, March 20, 2011

old & new

In coming up with a name for my blog, I borrowed something: The title. As a bride I heard the old saying "Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue." more then once the days leading to my wedding. For some reason when thinking of a blog title, this is the first thing that popped into my head. Something old, something new. When you think of your life, those are normally the first things that come into your mind. The new things are prominent, as well as the things of the forever past. The ones you miss or absolutely don't. Everyday is filled with thoughts of the immediate, the necessary. And of the old things, thoughts of the past. Either forgotten for a while or always there.

Something old, Something new. I am back home, to the place of old. After eight months of new. I am in he same old surroundings, but it feels new. I am the same old person, with a new view of life after months living away from home.

. . . Last of all this blog is new. But a very old idea. I have wanted to blog for a long while, but have never done so for fear of having nothing worth while to post. With the realization that I don't always have to come up with new things to post, but can post of things of the old; I have decided to give it a go =)

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