Thursday, October 18, 2012

New job ! . . .again

You are all wondering when I am not going to be posting about some new event in my life : ) And wondering how LONG my resume is starting to look with all of these different jobs . . . haha

My nanny job was not going too great, so I ended up ending that one. I have a new job as of  last Monday, and this one I really like!  I am the new Administrative Assistant/Receptionist at Complete Staffing Solutions Inc. in Marlborough, MA. I am getting paid better then I ever have, am gaining new skills and really enjoying my days, and *drumroll* I have my own desk (lol), not to mention the whole front room to myself . It is just me at the front desk and I handle all of the Apps, Filing, Tax info (W4's, I-9's, etc.), and anything else that needs to be done.

We are still looking to move out. . . only a couple of weeks left!

Enjoying the beautiful Fall scenery on my drives every day!

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