Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am at the library. I got my card my first day living in Wells. :) They have a very cute library with lots of computers. And lots of people. I'm sure it will get even busier once summer hits.

The move went great! Our duplex is all set up and we love it! 

Kurt had a good first week at work last week. Kiersten's school vacation was that week so she stayed with us the whole week. It was great to have company! We both shared in the excitement of Kurt coming home in full uniform with his gun belt with all its gadgets, bullet proof vest, stetson, etc and we did not know what to do with ourselves : ) A lot of changes going on for him and in our lives.

. . . . One not so exciting one is me ironing all of his uniforms *cough* It is difficult and extremely stressful all this pressure put on perfectly starched seams in particular places. With no one to show me how. . . I think after many hours I have got them good enough to wear. I sure hope so because they let him know how important it is the he iron them a certain way. How the job got passed to me I am not sure.  But I take this duty very seriously : )

Kiersten is now gone so my house is terribly quiet. I have been doing everything and nothing to sum it up! Although it is in ways nice to have a break. The day after we moved I had to go back to mass to my doctor. It seems I had a bit of pneumonia on my lungs and it was kicking up my asthma. My inhalers and neb treatments weren't working enough so I was put on prednisone and an antibiotic. I think I am mostly better except for a cold. So resting has been good.

I will be applying to a couple of jobs. We will see where this goes. . .

Until my next trip to the library,
Coralie Rose


  1. Praying you continue to feel better, Coralie! And don't worry, the ironing will get better ;) Miss you, hopefully I can see you this summer with Aly!!

    1. I am feeling better now!! I hope I see you too! miss you <3