Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We Are Moving Again !

For the Old:

We have been settling in down here. I have been working between 30 & 40 hours at Kohl's and have been trained in the Customer Service department where I spend most of my hours. They still put me on the register quite often as well.

Kurt has been doing great at W. B. Mason and they have been wonderful to work for. I am thankful God gave him that job for the time we were down here. They let him know if it didn't work out in Wells they would hire him back in a heartbeat.  Great, but I hope that is not the case . . .  

Kurt turned 22 in March. That sounds old to me ;) 

I have been keeping busy. I love our apartment and being back around Sutton, Millbury, and Auburn. We still share a vehicle between our two jobs which has been a bit crazy. I spend about an hour and a half driving between jobs and home a day. (I take him to work at 6 in the morning come home, go to my work, sometimes come back home, then go get him, and come home. And do it all over the next day.)  Although it is no longer an orange Kia Soul but a 2012 black Ford Focus.  I really like driving a black vehicle black much better then Orange. And it is great on gas! 

Something New:

As some of you may know, Kurt has accepted the job offer from the Wells Police Department as a full time Police Officer.  After many months of searching, we now know where we will start his career as a Police Officer.   His first day is April 17th and we are moving in a about a week!

And now for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (haha :) 

Wells is 2 hours away from where I currently live on the coast of Maine. It is very much a vacation town, the population triples in the summer. The police department is right by the ocean. It is also only an hour and a half from his parents and I believe around the same from his grandparents, and an hour away from my grandparents.  So we will be in the middle of all family. Thankfully not way up in the middle of nowhere!

We have a duplex ready to go. We went up Saturday when I got out of work to pay 2 months rent and get the keys. It is very cute and once I can I will post pictures. It is 2 Bedroom, 1 and 1/2 Bath, Kitchen with appliances included, good sized living room, small back deck, front porch, and a finished walk out basement. It is just us and a middle aged couple living in the house (it is a house split in half vertically) so it is a great set up and I am so thankful we found it! No it is not on the ocean we went 15 minutes or so inland.  The main route by the ocean is CRAZY in the summer. . . but yes I will be living near the beach and hopefully will be there frequently this summer!

I am not transferring to another Kohl's. I may in the future, but over the next month or so I am not overly concerned with getting a job. I would like to get settled in a bit first. It will be nice to have my first more-then-3-days-off  work after 8 months! I will not know what to do with myself :)

My last day at work is Friday so I am working on packing with the help of Aly and Jane (thanks girls!) Move date is next Thursday. I think I have covered all of the questions you may have, email me if you would like! :)

Hoping to get internet set up at the new apartment!
. . . until then this extremely long post will have to do. 

much love, Coralie 

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