Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We are moving tomorrow.  To be completely honest, I am trying to talk myself into being excited. Yes I know, I have a dream life at the moment.  But I spent a lot of my years in Auburn and the surrounding towns. Many fun days at Blackstone Valley (I am sitting at Barnes & Noble now with Aly) and yes, I get attached to where I live and the places I go everyday just about as much as I do to people.  Familiarity is my friend I guess :) No matter what in life there is always home, or Dunkin around the corner, or the grocery store down the road that sells wonderful comfort food. Or just the roads I drive habitually when there are several ways to go. . .

Change is good for me, of course. I have lived in 5 different states and moved 8 different times. I was sad for a few days but am now back to my normal self smiling at the future. One more night at our apartment and then on to set up a new home! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their week, and smiling at their future :)


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